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Name Title Office telephone

Dale Dolan 


Department Chair, Professor



Samuel O. Agbo

Professor 116-202 (805)756-1528
William L. Ahlgren Associate Professor 20A-213 (805)756-2309
Dean Y Arakaki Associate Professor 20A-302 (805)756-2625
Dennis Derickson Professor 20A-207 (805)756-7584
Siavash Farzan Assistant Professor 20A-317 (805)756-0650
Ben Hawkins Associate Professor 20-118A & 41A-219 (805)756-6203
Kun Hua Assistant Professor 20A-312 (805)756-0651
Xiaomin Jin Professor 20A-315 (805)756-7046
Ahmad Nafisi Professor 116-201 (805)756-1514
Payam Nayeri Assistant Professor 20A-318 (805)756-6370
Wayne Pilkington Associate Professor 20A-305 (805)756-5431
Jason Poon Assistant Professor 20A-305 (805)756-2635
Majid Poshtan Associate Professor 20A-301 (805)756-2763
Vladimir Prodanov Professor 20A-308 (805)756-5393

John A. Saghri

Professor 116-206 (805)756-1462

Ali O. Shaban

Professor 116-215 (805)756-2918
Taufik Professor, Director of Electric Power Institute 20A-203 (805)756-2318

Xiao-Hua (Helen) Yu

Professor 20A-311 (805)756-2441
Jane Zhang Professor, Graduate Coordinator 20A-307 (805)756-7528

Faculty Interest List


Name Title Office telephone
Chuck Bland Lecturer 20-131 (805)756-1195
Ali Dehghan Banadaki Lecturer 20A-304 (805)756-2377
Steve Dunton Lecturer 20-118A Prefer email
Noel D. Ellis Lecturer 20-117 (805)756-2781
Doug Hall Lecturer 20-150 (805)756-2781
Ying Leighton Lecturer 20-118A (805)756-2781
Dan Malone Lecturer 20-118A (805)756-1329
David McDonald Lecturer 20-118A (805)756-2781
Clay McKell Lecturer 20A-303 (805)756-5689
Rich Murray Lecturer 20-118A (805)756-2781
John Penvenne Lecturer 20A-310 Prefer email 
Tom Rhatigan Lecturer 20-117 (805)756-2781
Joe Sparks Lecturer 20-118A Prefer email
Hiren Trada Lecturer 20-131 Prefer email
Siddharth Vyas Lecturer 20A-208 Prefer email

Teaching Associates

Name Title Office telephone
Yen Nguyen Teaching Associate 20-121 (805) 756-2781
Natalie Tokhmakhian Teaching Associate 20-121 (805) 756-2781

Faculty Emeritus

Name Title Office telephone
David Braun Professor Emeritus    
Jerome R. Breitenbach Professor Emeritus    
Michael M. Cirovic Professor Emeritus    
Samir Datta Professor Emeritus    
Saul Goldberg Professor Emeritus    
Gary Granneman Professor Emeritus    
James G. Harris Professor Emeritus    
Martin E. Kaliski Professor Emeritus 20-118A (805)756-2781
Art MacCarley Professor Emeritus    
Wayne McMorran Professor Emeritus    
Shien-yi Meng Professor Emeritus    
Mahmood Nahvi Professor Emeritus 20-118A (805)756-2781
Richard Sandige Professor Emeritus    
Cheng Sun Professor Emeritus    
Shyama C. Tandon Professor Emeritus    
Gustav Wassel Professor Emeritus    
Donley Winger Professor Emeritus    
Michael T. Wollman Professor Emeritus    
Chuan Yeh Professor Emeritus    



Name Title Office telephone
Chuck Bland EE Technician 20-131 (805)756-1195
Yvonne Lynch Administrative Coordinator 20A-200 (805)756-2782
Carol Terrell Administrative Assistant 20A-200 (805)756-7813









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