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Students inspecting drone antenna

Alfredo Bayu Satriya (second from left), a visiting professor from Indonesia, inspects a drone antenna with (left to right) Tyler Couvrette (electrical engineering); Katie White (animal science); Jared Rocha (electrical engineering); and Sarah Bartak (animal science).

The most important characteristic shared by all Cal Poly Electrical Engineering students is their ability to think, plan, and act independently. Although the primary goal of Cal Poly is to provide the knowledge required to complete the given degree requirements, many resources are available to help students understand the mission and approach of higher educational institutions.

The Electrical Engineering department, in conjunction with Cal Poly, provides the following set of resources to enable EE degree candidates to understand, formulate, and execute their own paths to the Electrical Engineering degree. These resources range from academic information and advising to engineering related extra-curricular activities. Electrical Engineering students typically use this information to ensure they complete their degree requirements in a timely and organized manner.


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