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BMS Honors Program

For Joint Bachelor of Science and Master of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering.


Blended BS+MS (BMS) program provides an accelerated route to a graduate degree, with the simultaneous conferring of both bachelor’s and master’s degrees.  This program targets students who are current undergradute students at Cal Poly.

Program Features

  • Simplified application process.
  • BS and MS coursework can be taken concurrently.
  • Access to graduate student facilities.
  • TA appointments (if available).
  • Priority registration

Students may apply for admission to the BMS program after completion of all EE 300-level courses required by their undergraduate program. Note, a separate Senior Project is required. The student must elect the MS thesis option. A student in this program, at his/her request, may be awarded the BS degree prior to the completion of the program, at a point when all requirements for the BS degree have been met, including an acceptable Senior Project report.

Admission Requirements

  • Cal Poly cumulative GPA of 3.5 or greater (no letters of recommendation are required)
  • Cal Poly cumulative GPA of 3.2-3.5 with up to 3 letters of recommendation from faculty members
  • Completion of junior year.

The candidate must submit the application package (available at EE front office) to the EE office. If the letter of recommendation is required, it should include justification for considering the candidate and be emailed/mailed to the EE office. The complete package is then reviewed by the Graduate Committee. The candidate will be notified of the decision within one month.

For more information, please contact graduate coordinator Jane Zhang.

Application Forms

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