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IT Helpdesk & Equipment Technicians

What do We Do Here?

The Electrical Engineering department's IT Helpdesk and Equipment Technician areas, in conjunction with other college support personnel, helps provide support for all laboratories offered by the College of Engineering. One full-time computer technician, and a number of trained student assistants are housed in Building 20. This support area also operates several Linux & Windows servers, which provide software application support, web services, and system management services to the EE department. 3D printing services are also provided to EE & CPE faculty and students. Lab equipment and access to certain labs for projects is also granted to authorized students. 

Our Team


Chuck Bland

Rob Randle


Equipment Technician (Volunteer)


Information Technology Consultant



Nima Behmanesh


Computer Engineering




3D Print Request

For 3D Printing requests, please email to using your Cal Poly Email with "3D Print Request - Attn: EE Dept" in the subject line and the following additional information:

  • Full Name
  • Major / Department
  • 3D model (.stl)
  • Special Requirements
    • PLA or ABS
    • Infill Density %
    • Additional Requests & Information 

Unfortunately, we are unable to support any intricate and/or larger print requests at this time. These would include:

  • Larger Prints: Greater than 10" x 17" 
  • Intricate Prints: More than 10 pieces or extremely small and detailed prints

If you require any intricate and/or larger print requests, please visit other on-campus or alternate off-campus resources for these fabrications.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to visit 20-106A for consultation.

Item Checkout Request

For any EE or CPE department equipment checkout requests, please email which will automatically create a ticket for the request.

Contact Us


Phone: 805-756-7000

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