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How Do I Get Accepted?

Building 192

How do I apply?

The online application is available at Cal State Apply. In addition to this application, transcripts and test results for the SAT, ACT, and AP exams should be sent to the Cal Poly Admissions Office.

How do I prepare myself?

Competition can be tough when applying to high-demand schools such as Cal Poly. To make sure you're prepared, check out the Freshman selection criteria on the Admissions website.

How much will this cost?

Actual costs change from year to year and depend on a variety of things. The Cal Poly Financial Aid Office provides estimated costs for current and upcoming years.

When do I apply?

Applications are only accepted for Fall quarter of each year and begin on October 1st of the year before desired attendance. For early decisions, applications are due by October 31st; for regular decisions, the deadline is November 30th. For more information, see the Admissions website.

What type of Financial Aid is available?

Financial aid and scholarships are available. For more information, visit the Cal Poly Financial Aid Office. Also make sure and review scholarships offered through the Electrical Engineering Department.

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