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Dr. Majid Poshtan

Majid Poshtan

Associate Professor Dr. Majid Poshtan

Phone: 805-756-2763
Office: 20A-301
Additional Office Hours: Set an Appointment by email to

Spring 2024 Schedule

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:10-8:30 AM  



EE 518-02


8:40-9:00 AM        
9:10-9:30 AM

EE 518-01



EE 518-01


EE 518-01


9:40-10:00 AM  
10:10-10:30 AM        
10:40-11:00 AM        
11:10-11:30 AM

EE 212-01



EE 212-01



EE 212-01


11:40 AM-12:00 PM    
12:10-12:30 PM  




12:40-1:00 PM          
1:10-1:30 PM       Office Hours ROOM 101


1:40-2:00 PM        
2:10-2:30 PM        
2:40-3:00 PM        
3:10-3:30 PM





3:40-4:00 PM        
4:10-4:30 PM        
4:40-5:00 PM        
5:10-5:30 PM          
5:40-6:00 PM          
6:10-6:30 PM  


6:40-7:00 PM          
7:10-7:30 PM          
7:40-8:00 PM          
8:10-8:30 PM          
8:40-9:00 PM          
9:10-9:30 PM          
9:40-10:00 PM          


  • Ph.D. Electrical Engineering with Focus on Electric Power Systems, Tulane University, New Orleans, USA, 1996-2000, GPA 4.0. Thesis: Probabilistic Voltage Security Analysis in Large-Scale Power Systems
  • MSc Electrical Engineering with Focus on Electric Power Systems, University of New Brunswick, NB, Canada, 1990-1992, GPA 3.5. Optimum Unit Commitment and Economic Dispatch for Hydro-Thermal Units with Environmental Constraints
  • BSc in Electrical Engineering, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran, 1983-1988, GPA 3.0 Senior Design Project: 1.2 kW Stepper Motor Design

Teaching and Research Interests

Over 20 years of wide-ranging experience in EE academic and industry Expert in electric power systems Design, Operation, Distributed Generation, Electric Motors and Electric Vehicles, Reliability and Security of Large-Scale Power Systems, Fault Analysis and Protection, Condition Monitoring, Power System Real-Time Simulators


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