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Sustainability Courses

The following EE courses help students achieve Cal Poly's Sustainability Learning Objectives and appear in the Sustainability Catalog.

Sustainability Focused EE Courses
These courses address at least two of Cal Poly's Sustainability Learning Objectives and contain at least 20% sustainability content.
Course Title
EE 420 Sustainable Electric Energy Conversion
Sustainability Related EE Courses
These courses address at least one of Cal Poly's Sustainability Learning Objectives.
Course Title
EE 413 Advanced Electronic Design
EE 520 Solar-Photovoltaic Systems Design

EE Department Sustainability Statement -- May 21, 2004

The faculty of the Cal Poly Electrical Engineering Department supports the practice of sustainable engineering, respectful of the earth's limited resources and the greater good of humanity.  We commit to the teaching of engineering principles and design objectives consistent with the efficient and non-polluting use of energy, water, air, mineral, agricultural and land resources.  We encourage and support student projects, senior projects, student club and extra-curricular activities which embrace and advance sustainable engineering principles and objectives. We also encourage reduced consumption as an important part of more sustainability practices.

For more information about campus sustainability programs, please see Cal Poly's Guiding Principles and Sustainability Website.


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