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Dan Malone


Phone: (805)756-1329
Office: 20-118A

Spring 2024 Schedule

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:10-8:30 AM  


Office Hourss


 Office hours




EE 348-04







Office Hours





8:40-9:00 AM        
9:10-9:30 AM





9:40-10:00 AM        
10:10-10:30 AM        
10:40-11:00 AM        
11:10-11:30 AM          
11:40 AM-12:00 PM          
12:10-12:30 PM  



EE 348-03



12:40-1:00 PM        
1:10-1:30 PM        
1:40-2:00 PM        
2:10-2:30 PM        
2:40-3:00 PM        
3:10-3:30 PM




EE 348-05




3:40-4:00 PM        
4:10-4:30 PM        
4:40-5:00 PM        
5:10-5:30 PM        
5:40-6:00 PM        
6:10-6:30 PM  


6:40-7:00 PM          
7:10-7:30 PM          
7:40-8:00 PM          
8:10-8:30 PM          
8:40-9:00 PM          
9:10-9:30 PM          
9:40-10:00 PM          


Dan Malone received his undergraduate education at Cal Poly SLO receiving an Electronic Engineering degree in 1968. He later received an MBA ('73) and an MSEE ('93) from Santa Clara University and did further graduate work. He was an adjunct faculty member at Santa Clara University from 1993 to 1999 and taught classes in the Graduate School of Engineering. Dan retired from IBM in 2002 after 35 years where he worked in the development laboratory after holding assignments in circuit and system design, management and program management for the disk drive division. He also worked for Hitachi Global Storage Technologies from 2003 to 2005. During work at IBM, Dan held foreign assignments in England (2 years), Germany (2 years) and Japan (1 year) and various assignments in other parts of Asia. He holds 13 US patents and is an IBM Senior Technical Staff Member. Dan is also an amateur radio operator (HAM – K6HPB). Dan has a wife and three sons that graduated from Cal Poly and seven grandchildren. Dan has been teaching classes at Cal Poly in the EE/CPE, IME, BRAE and Math departments since 2006.  In 2017 Dan participated in a faculty exchange program and taught a full semester at the Munich University of Applied Sciences March-July 2017, teaching two classes.  


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