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Recent News

Halloween Costume Competition

Halloween '19

Nov 20, 2019

The Electrical Engineering department hosts an annual Halloween costume competition where students and faculty dress up, and celebrate the spooky season!

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EE department's Open House '19

Open House '19

Aug 14, 2019

Open House- Spring 2019

Cal Poly's Open House is a great time for us to showcase our incredible department! Every year we hold lab tours, discussion groups, one-on-one meetings with both students and faculty, a luncheon, and more-- showing the incredible learn-by-doing and intimate environment we proudly serve our students on daily basis. 

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Week of Welcome

Week of Welcome

Aug 14, 2019

Week of Welcome 2018

Here's a glimpse of Electrical Engineering's special touch in Cal Poly's annual Week of Welcome for incoming Freshman and Transfer Students! While Week of Welcome is a campus-wide event, the Electrical Engineering Department makes the week special for our incoming students with one-on-one talks with professors, demonstrations, tours, and more! 

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EE banquet photo

EE Banquet

Aug 14, 2019

EE Banquet 2019

The annual Electrical Engineering Banquet to celebrate our department and students' accomplishments over the last year! Students, staff, and faculty get together in a large San Luis Obispo event space at the end of the year to enjoy dinner, dessert, and fun times! The EE Banquet is a great representation of our tight-knit and welcoming department environment.

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Electrical Engineering Graduating Class of Spring 2022

Electrical Engineering Graduating Class

Aug 9, 2019

EE graduating class group photo

Electrical Engineering Spring 2022 Commencement - June 11, 2012

Pictured left to right

Row 1:

Connor Sexton, Sahil Sharma, Marcel Rodriguez, Joshua Simpson, Omer Gumus, Izak Walker, Fadi Alzammar, Hannah Chookaszian, Jissell Jose, Jack Gallegos, Aria Pegah

Row 2:

Krista Round, Ross Dalke, Harnak Singh, Pavin Virdee, Vincent Liang, Hetav Gore, Carlos Alatorre, Alexander Goldstein, Janine Darato, Justine Advincula, Shanna Plouff

Row 3:

RJ Macaranas, Harshal Acharya, Kristian Cruz, Aaron Teh, Hayden Tam, Jared Rocha, Tanvi Kharkar, Akimmi Navarro, Jordan Perlas, Eunice Santiago, Deepthi Ravuru, Emily Marcelo, Prof. Majid Poshtan, Prof. Dennis Derickson, Lumanti Tuladhar

Row 4:

Logan Cable, Nathan Hazlett, Karanpartap Singh, Rocio Sanchez Mendoza, Qiying Huang, Carlos Aguilar-Rocha, Ivan Alvarez, Audrey Cummings, Yu Honda, Jonathan Badal, Samantha Whalen, Jennifer Sun

Row 5:

Dillon Tung, Charles Raney, Micah Jeffries, Matthew Garcia

Row 6:

Weston Fitzgerald, Janelle Cruz, Spencer Stone, Brian Yoon, Elizaveta Koush, Arturo Ramirez, Luis Rodriguez, Chad Conrad, William Dorosk, Ashley Scharber, Kennedy Knoll, Tessa Luzuriaga, Jonathan Baruch

Row 7:

Yoel Ghebreyesus, Evan Luu, Maxwell Fukada, Jeffrey Shieh, Daniel McFall, Kyle Chang, J'Nai Lawrence, Shawn Thai, Ernie Lozano, Connor Wilson, Ben Clark, Panthil Patel, Alberto Munoz, Prof. Dean Arakaki

Row 8:

Hank Wai, Dino Maslic, Tushar Sharma, Xander Zell, Nouman Baryal, Jacob Robson, Sajjad Ahsan, Joseph Wardell, Brian Padilla, Nolan Young, Jesse Fernandez

Row 9:

Diego Masini, Ridge Lahti, Andrew Laurin, Jake Souto, Arsalan Mughal

Row 10:

Micah Fitzgerald, Diego Masini, Liam Hayes, Jesse Brunet, Nathan Orloff, Mac Gray, Harrison Power, Armin Agha-Ebrahim, Adam Callman, Joseph Mama

Row 11:

Jason Childers, Benjamin Wong, Luke Lopez, Roshan Dominic, Clay Corippo, Ryan Madden, Jack Ellingson, Jeziel Lopez, Jonathan Yu, Jonathan Hidalgo, Adrian Aranjo, Patrick Reedy, Eliot Chavez



Alumni group photo

Bay Area Alumni Event 2019

May 3, 2019

Alumni group photo

Thirty Five Electrical Engineering (EE) and Computer Engineering (CPE) Alumni gathered at the BowlMor Bowling facility in Cupertino, CA on Thursday March 7 to celebrate their Cal Poly Heritage.

The group had a high score of 144 and a low score of 25 and a fun time was had by all. Special trophies were given out for folks who scored 117 (Cal Poly's age in years) and for 108 (The faculty member who lived the longest, Harry Wolf). The group included students who graduated in Dec. 2018 to folks who graduated in the 1960s. The Alumni party got updates on projects at Cal Poly and traded stories about what is happening in their careers. Professor Derickson also challenged the group to come back and give a friday EE seminar and to stay involved with the department and its students.

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Winners of the GE Digital CSU Challenge

Cal Poly Students Take First Prize at GE Digital CSU Challenge

Dec 4, 2018

Winners of the 2018 GE Digital Challenge

The team members (pictured from left to right) included Yiupang Chan (Computer Science), Sonia Mannan (Computer Engineering), Huy Duong (Computer Engineering),  Larry Hu (Software Engineering), Nicholas Serres (Electrical Engineering), Jake Loveland (Computer Engineering), and team advisor Joseph Callenes-Sloan (assistant professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering).


The competition prompted Cal State University students to develop a novel approach to an important urban problem over the span of three months. As part of the challenge, students were able to take advantage of the newly implemented 3,200 streetlight nodes in the City of San Diego for their data collection. With the information at hand, it was up to the students to improve San Diego’s Climate Action Plan with innovative city solutions. It was their goal to develop an application that could conquer the urban challenges of climate change, traffic optimization, mobility and more. To make it to the top, the application had to be assessed by a panel of judges, which consisted of chief technology and data officers from GE Digital, the City of San Diego and the Port of San Diego.

Cal Poly stduents created “Treety: a pact between the people, the city, and the Earth,” a data-driven system for educating San Diego residents and policymakers about the environmental and socio-economic benefits of trees in urban settings. The application aggregated data from the city sensors to accurately quantify the benefits of planting trees at given locations. The platform modeled tree benefits by taking historical data from pedestrian, environmental and traffic sensors to predict potential impacts of having trees at the locations, such as carbon reduction, average pedestrian and vehicular traffic and property values.

The Cal Poly team included Computer Engineering students Huy Duong, Jake Loveland, Sonia Mannan; Electrical Engineering student Nicholas Serres; Software Engineering student Larry Hu; Computer Science student Yiupang Chan and Professor Joseph Callenes-Sloan.

The Cal Poly team will receive an $8,000 scholarship for placing first in the challenge.

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