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Bay Area Alumni Event 2019

Alumni group photo

Thirty Five Electrical Engineering (EE) and Computer Engineering (CPE) Alumni gathered at the BowlMor Bowling facility in Cupertino, CA on Thursday March 7 to celebrate their Cal Poly Heritage.

The group had a high score of 144 and a low score of 25 and a fun time was had by all. Special trophies were given out for folks who scored 117 (Cal Poly's age in years) and for 108 (The faculty member who lived the longest, Harry Wolf). The group included students who graduated in Dec. 2018 to folks who graduated in the 1960s. The Alumni party got updates on projects at Cal Poly and traded stories about what is happening in their careers. Professor Derickson also challenged the group to come back and give a friday EE seminar and to stay involved with the department and its students.

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