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Tina Smilkstein


Associate Professor Tina SmilksteiN

Phone: 805-756-2497
Office: 20A-318
Office Hours: via Zoom and Canvas. Available most of the day but official OH 8pm M,W,F,Sa, and Su. email me for link.

Spring 2021 Schedule

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:10-8:30 AM          
8:40-9:00 AM          
9:10-9:30 AM          
9:40-10:00 AM          
10:10-10:30 AM          
10:40-11:00 AM          
11:10-11:30 AM          
11:40 AM-12:00 PM          
12:10-12:30 PM          
12:40-1:00 PM          
1:10-1:30 PM          
1:40-2:00 PM          
2:10-2:30 PM EE 308-03   EE 308-03   EE 308-03
2:40-3:00 PM    
3:10-3:30 PM EE 308-04   EE 308-04 EE 348-06 EE 308-04
3:40-4:00 PM  
4:10-4:30 PM        
4:40-5:00 PM        
5:10-5:30 PM        
5:40-6:00 PM        
6:10-6:30 PM       EE 532-01  
6:40-7:00 PM        
7:10-7:30 PM        
7:40-8:00 PM        
8:10-8:30 PM        
8:40-9:00 PM        
9:10-9:30 PM          
9:40-10:00 PM          


  • Ph.D./M.S. Electrical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley
  • B.A. Business Administration, Nanzan University, Nagoya, Japan

Teaching and Research Interests

Research Expertise & Interests: Analog and digital integrated circuits, clock distribution/clock signal integrity, and healthcare technology including glucose sensing, tremor control, unobtrusive monitoring of the older and disabled to extend independent living, enabling technologies and sensory prosthetics.


  • Cal Poly Cadence - This page will eventually contain instructions on using Cadence at Cal Poly, example circuits, tutorials and where to go for help.
  • CPE129 Jeopardy
  • Diversity Newsletter- March 2018 (PDF)
  • Kato Video - from the school I trained at (in white)
  • Mt. Umnumnum (JPEG)
  • Video - Take Care of yourselves and others.

Cal Poly is one of the best environments I've ever been in. Students are, at least in class, generally sharing, patient, cooperative, supportive and a bunch more words that mean they are open to students' difference. I love that so many students are this way but there is always more to learn about other people in the world and things you can do to make things better for all students.

  • Video - Team that I used to train with (in purple) - The neat thing about table tennis is that styles can be almost completely offensive or defensive. The green team is a defensive team. The purple team is an offensive team. Equipment is different.

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