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Crystal Engineering Radiated Immunity Testing

Crystal Engineering, San Luis Obispo, CA completed radiated immunity testing in Cal Poly’s EMC Chamber on February 3, 2014 on a pressure sensor system, model APM030C. The transmitter included a Fluke 6060B synthesizer (10kHz to 1050MHz) providing an 80% AM modulated 0dBm signal to an RF amplifier (model AR-10W1000C) to supply a 40dBm signal to a CLP5130 log-periodic transmit antenna (50MHz – 1300MHz) placed inside the EMC Chamber. The sensor’s display panel was monitored outside the chamber by a webcam.

Radio frequency (RF) signals at five (5) discrete frequencies and power levels noted by a certified laboratory were examined to initially reproduce failure conditions on the problem model. These same frequency-power combinations were then applied to a revised model to determine radiated immunity performance. All tests resulted in positive outcomes – the revised model maintained operation over all EMI conditions. Crystal Engineering personnel also successfully confirmed immunity performance on the revised model at all required EMI environments at the certified laboratory.

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