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Taufik's Senior Projects


No Name(s) Title Quarter Completed


Joseph Sagisi

Switched-mode 5 volt DC regulated power supply

Spring 2000


Laurence Navea Abcede

High power insulated gate bipolar transistor for the electric vehicle

Spring 2000


Gary Gebhardt

Computer Peripheral Power Controller

Spring 2001


Jeffrey Couvrette

Zero-Current Switching Resonant Buck Converter

Spring 2001


Jeffrey Scott Greinke

Square wave single phase inverter

Spring 2001


Brandon Tolentino

Three-phase six-pulse inverter

Spring 2001


Roberto Gonzalez and Alex Yan

High voltage direct current transmission line model

Spring 2001


Daniel Iseman

Switching Mode Boost Converter

Spring 2001


Albert Pham

Switching Mode Buck Converter

Spring 2001


Linda Kakinami

Web-based Harmonic Simulator

Fall 2001


Trish Doan and Kevin Banister

Buck-boost DC-DC converter using pulse width modulation feedback control

Fall 2001


Kevin Quetano and Karl Buckman

Development of Photovoltaic Facility

Spring 2002


Augusto DeCastro

Internet Based Servomotor Control for Solar Panel Remote Operation

Spring 2002


Daniel Fritz

Thyristor-Based Rectifier and Inverter Control

Spring 2002


HongDiem Dinh

Internet Based DC Motor Control for Solar Panel Remote Operation

Spring 2002


Edward Surber

Solar Panel Position Control Using Two Axis Servomotors

Spring 2002


Diana Puig

Servomotor Winding and Unwinding Application

Spring 2002


Michael Antiniw

Infrared Transmitter and Receiver for PC Joystick

Spring 2002


Travis Meek

Power Supply Design for Air Conditioning Controller

Spring 2002


Andy Kuok

Power Supply Design for Cold Cathode Fluorescence Lamp

Spring 2002


Glenn Liao

Implementation of PLC for Motor Control

Winter 03


David Ferbert

A 15W DCM Flyback Converter

Winter 03


Vu Ngo

Synchronous Buck Controller

Winter 03


Brian Engleton

Multiple Buck Converters with Load Sharing and Synchronous Rectifier

Winter 03


Gernard Ferril and Marvin C.

Design of 450W Sinuoidal PWM Inverter for Solar Panels

Spring 03


Thomas Kelly

Solid State Based Transformer Tap Changer

Spring 03


Seong Yang and Andrew Garcia

Design of Modulated Square Wave Inverter

Spring 03


Matthew Hartman

Power Factor Correction Using Boost Converter

Spring 03


Russel Cruzen

Power Electronics Based Motor Starter Controller

Summer 03


Sam Waters

Quazi Resonant using UC3868

Spring 03


Martin Hess

3-Phase Induction Motor ASD for Use as A Vector Control Development

Fall 03


Thay Kour Chau

Lab-View Based Servomotor Experiment

Fall 03


Fidel Castro

Switch Mode Inverter Using IR2111

Winter 04


Sarah Ahrendes

Design of 5V/175W High-Density DC-DC Converter

Spring 04


Shana Dee and Mathew Kwan

Building A Small-scale 500W Wind-Powered House

Spring 04


Keith Laforga

PLC-based Control VFD for Pump

Spring 04


Tony Moreno and Ethan Newman

High-Power PWM Motor Drive

Spring 04


Adrian Rolufs

DC Motor Drives Using Microcontroller

Spring 04


Megan Smalley

Simulation of Hybrid Solar-Powered House

Spring 04


Edwin Tahlman

Design of 7A 1/3HP Small DC Motor Drive

Spring 04


Vincent Wong and Eric Ho

1kW AC-AC Converter Using Integral-Cycle Control

Spring 04


April Yan

Dynamic Analysis of STATCOM with and without Battery Storage

Fall 04


Trent Drenon

Design of Series Loaded Resonant Converter

Fall 04


Emili Schaefer

Performance characteristics of a static VAR compensator

Summer 2004


Kam Insixiengmay

Investigation of the efficiency in high-density light-weight DC-to-DC converter

Winter 2005


Yla Alivia and April Oliver

Investigation of output inductance and power switch selection as a function of efficiency

Winter 2005


Pimsy Kapoor

Synchronous Flyback Converter

Winter 2005


Lily Pang and Karen Kyain

Investigation of Input Harmonics of Three-Phase Rectifier

Spring 2005


Kay Ohn

Investigation of efficiency improvement in high-density light-weight DC-DC converter

Spring 2005


John Villalpando

Snubber Circuits

Spring 2005


Weizhen Ou

Investigation on diodes' efficiencies for DC-DC converters

Spring 2005


Brian Butterfield

Multiple inputs DC to DC converter with equally drawn source-power

Spring 2005


Julio Molina

Multiple input DC to DC converter to implement a grid-tied photo-voltaic system

Spring 2005


Joanna Chong

Half-wave, full-wave and three phase controlled rectifier

Spring 2005


Laura Foster

Synchronous Flyback Converter

Spring 2005


Jason Aranas

DC-DC converter performance under various temperature and humidity conditions

Spring 2005


Sherman Tu and Cory Mitsui

Siemens adjustable AC drive with dual induction motors

Spring 2005


Nick Wernicke

Mobile audio amplifier design and construction

Spring 2005


Alaa Suliman and Khamran Khan

Low Cost Electric Range Control Using Triac

Fall 2005


Tyler Kelly

Soft starting a 3-phase induction motor using phase control

Spring 2005


Brian Madali

Development of Synchronous Flyback Converter Experiment

Winter 2006


Ryan Louie

Static VAR Compensator

Winter 2006


Joseph Dews

Motor Control in Surgical Equipment

Winter 2006


Mikhail Voroniouk

DC-DC computer power supply in automotive application : research and design

Winter 2006


Ruben Magana

Development of HMI for Metal Processing

Winter 2006


Dayv Cabrito

FET Bass Guitar Amplifier with a Switching Power Supply

Fall 2006


Rudi Rudianto

LabView Based Power Measurements

Fall 2006


Nikil Mulakken

Power Quality Study of Input Power to DC Drive

Winter 2006


Jose Mendoza and Wilfredo Guevara

Fuel Cell Powered Miniature Car

Spring 2006


Daniel Vang and Songu Kim

3.3V 50W Flyback Converter With Super Barrier Rectifier

Spring 2006


Arief Hernadi and Jennifer Sumera

3.3V 50W Flyback Converter with Synchronous Rectifier and Super Barrier Rectifier

Spring 2006


Nick C. and Tom Lopez

15V 50W Flyback Converter with Synchronous Rectifier and Super Barrier Rectifier

Spring 2006


Hasham Younas and Paul Streder

Buck Converter for Cell-Phone Battery with Super Barrier Rectifier

Spring 2006


Matthew Schwalbe

3.3V 30W Buck Converter with Super Barrier Rectifier

Spring 2006


Aung Htut

3.3V 30W Buck Converter with Synchronous Rectification and Super Barrier Rectifier

Spring 2006


Ryan Yamamoto and Oliva Reyes

12V 30W Buck Converter with Super Barrier Rectifier

Spring 2006


Christopher Liu

12V 15W Boost Converter with Super Barrier Rectifier

Spring 2006


Geoff Lewis and Bruce Lozano

100W 15V Off-line Power Supply with Super Barrier Rectifier

Spring 2006


Sean True

Design of a Flyback Converter With Multiple Outputs

Spring 2006


Rizwaan Sahib

The magnetic hydraulic emulator

Spring 2006


Eric Phillips

A buck converter for the SUPER project

Spring 2006


Kimberley Ng

A Web-based resistor selector for voltage divider circuits

Fall 2006


Holly Hyunh

10Watt 5V Buck Converter

Fall 2006


Ylie Valeriano

DMOS DC Motor Drives

Fall 2006


Calvin Dinh

Pulse-width modulated DC to AC inverter

Winter 2007


Akeem and  Robbie Taketa

Wind-powered Battery Charger

Winter 2007


Robert Casanova and Kyaw Shein

SuPER Project Synchronous Dc-Dc Converter With Varying Output

Winter 2007


Johny Chien

[Semiconductor Project National Semiconductor]

Winter 2007


Ramon Noble

Buck Converter for Philips Portable CD Player

Fall 2007


Daniel Bo

DC to AC Conversion using a PWM Inverter

Spring 2008


J. Romero, R. Evans, T. Carabajal

Space Elevator, Jr

Spring 2008


Nathan Wong and Tek Kearng

Multiphase Buck Converter

Spring 2008


Bryan Paet

Design of a Small Scale Static VAR Compensator

Spring 2008


Steven Lee and Alex Aldama

Single Phase Interconnected H-Bridge Power Inverter

Spring 2008


Philip Calacsan

Bicycle Driven Electric Power Generator : System Design

Spring 2008


Fernando Gomez

Wind Powered Battery Charger

Spring 2008


Bruce Chiang

Design of a 100W Square Wave Inverter

Spring 2008


Guillermo Guererro

LED Driver Circuit for Solar-Powered Lighting

Fall 2008


Nancy Rubalcava

Moving-Vehicle Powered Battery Charger

Winter 2009


Peter Liang

Implementation and Design of Magnetic Circuit

Winter 2009


Michael Lim

Solar Powered Battery Charger on Sun Shade Visor

Winter 2009


Brian Luc

Water Powered Battery Charger

Spring 2009


Kyaw Htin

Design of DC-DC Boost Converter

Spring 2009


Michael Newbry and Percy Vigo

1.5kW PWM Bipolar Inverter

Spring 2009


Andrew Lundt

Rotor Powered Battery Charger

Spring 2009


Andre Pratama

Thyristor Controlled Single Phase Full Wave Rectifier

Spring 2009


Jesse Duenas

Air-Flow Powered Cell-Phone Charger

Spring 2009


Haroun Idris and Ibrahim Idris

Lab Scale Thyristor Rectifier and Static VAR Compensator Circuits

Fall 2009


Robert Cong, Peter Vong, Rodney Martinez and Mark Casilang

Electric Bicycle System

Spring 2010


Michael Brim

Magnetic Design Web Application

Spring 2010


Christian Ramos and Danny Li

Design of a High-Low Unipolar Pulse Width Modulated Inverter

Spring 2010


Mike Ruelan and Justin Gragg

An Expandable Micromotor DC Drive System

Spring 2010


John Brewer and Kamaljit B.

High Voltage Switched-Mode Power Supply for Three-Phase AC Aircraft Power Systems

Spring 2010


Jeremy Holliman

Casa de Salud - Community Health Clinic Photovoltaic System Design

Fall 2010


Tyler Bleuvelt and Michael Detmers

Variable Voltage DC Wall Outlet for DC House

Spring 2011


Luis Perez and Hao Mai

Photovoltaic System Design for DC House

Spring 2011


Dennis Kwan and Mitchel Krug

Wind Power Generator Design for DC House

Spring 2011


Evan Lim and Samson Liu

Hydro-Power Generator Design for DC House

Spring 2011


Louis Goguely and Brandon Hayes

Bicycle Power Generator Design for DC House: Off Grid Energy Solutions

Spring 2011


Ryan Sidarto and Kelvin Tran

PWM Inverter

Spring 2011


Genaro Sanchez, Erick Del Real, and Alan Galarza

Portable Solar Powered Water Desalination System

Spring 2011


Joshua Brookley

Current Tracking Power Supply for Sensor Calibration

Spring 2011


Jessica Chaidez

DC House Modeling and System Design

Spring 2011


Wayland Chan

IMU Integration to the Cal Poly Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics Simulator Power System

Spring 2011


Ervin Carrillo

Equating a Car Alternator with the Generated Voltage Equation

Winter 2012


Andrew Heffner and Antonio Magdaleno

Cell Phone Charger for the DC House Project

Spring 2012


Mark Cabaj

DC House Model Design and Construction

Spring 2012


Jeff Healy and Bill Varsh

Human Powered Generation  - Seesaw

Spring 2012


Owen Jong

Multiple Input Single Output (MISO) DC-DC Converter for the DC House Project

Spring 2012


Dylan Vanlant and Chenxi Zhang

12 Volt Wall Outlet for the DC House Project

Spring 2012


Yuri Carrillo

Retrofitting a Car Alternator for Low-Speed Power Generation

Spring 2012


John Therampilly

Cell Phone Charger using Multiple Sources of Renewable Energy

Spring 2012

132 Hugh Pham Automated Inductor Characterization System Winter 2013
133 Khanh Ho DC House Distribution Panel Winter 2013
134 Scott Merrick Low Speed Alternator Design Spring 2013
135 Robert Baggao Unipolar Pulse Width Modulation Inverter Spring 2013
136 Juan Avelar, Juan Galindo, and Juan Ramos Swing Human Powered Generator for the DC House Project Spring 2013
137 Randy Lormand and Christopher Goloskie Wind and Hydroelectric Power Simulation for the DC House Project Spring 2013
138 Daniel Barnicle and Dario Romero Merry-Go-Round Human Powered Generator Spring 2013
139 Nolan Joksch Design of Improved Distribution Panel for the DC House Spring 2013
140 James Biggs and Andrew Aw Design of Portable Nano-Hydro Power Generator Fall 2013
141 Haoyan Huang and Cory Yee Design of Improved Smart DC Wall Plug for the DC House Project Spring 2014
142 Sal Navaro and Sarah Ashe Design of Improved Merry-Go-Round Human Powered Generator for the DC House Project Spring 2014
143 Brandon Wong, Danny Cai, Tim Lai Design of Improved Swing Human Powered Generator for the DC House Project Spring 2014
144 Scott Chau and Kevin Gingrich Integration of PV and Simulated DC Sources for the DC House Project Spring 2014
145 Xin Chen and Ryan Harada Design of a PWM Inverter Circuit for Power Electronics Lab Spring 2014
146 Philip Yu and Stephen Leung High Voltage Pulse-Width Generator for the Algae Biofuel Project Spring 2014
147 Michael Babalola CBM for Power Transformers Spring 2014
148 Caleb Fink, Victor Ojewole, Chris Tan Portable Nano-Hydro Power Generator System for the DC House Project Spring 2014
149 Jacob Michener and Anthony Llyod Ventilation Wind Turbine Generator Spring 2014
150 Siby James and Chad Santos Design of a Multiple Input Single Output DC-DC Converter for the DC House Project Spring 2014
151 David Treffkorn DC House Energy Management System Fall 2015
152 Tzyyyuan Huang and Christopher Ng Portable Nano Hydropower Generator Spring 2016
153 Song Lee and Joseph Lee Portable Storage Device for Wind and Solar Energy Spring 2016
154 Gustavo Naranjo and Richie Tolentino Improved Merry-Go-Round Generator for the DC House Project Spring 2016
155 Maxwell Muscarella Electric Priority Switch Board Spring 2016
156 Edward Pacaoan Uninterruptible Power Supply for Ceiling  Spring 2016
157 Alam Salguero and Kyle Weeks Automatic Water Pump Controller Spring 2016
158 Alex Gasper and Bret Omsberg Faraday Rechargeable Battery System Spring 2016
159 Brandon Stafford Comparison of AC and DC LED Light Bulb Efficiency for the DC House Project Winter 2017
160 Amanda Barley, Joshua Chung, Allen Scozzari Lab-Scale Circuit Breaker Module for Power System Laboratories Spring 2017
161 Aaron Bartfield, Tanner Mjelde, Kaylan Naicker, Solar Roller - Solar Powered USB Charging Station Spring 2017
162 Daniel Carlson Wireless Charging for Bluetooth Earphones Spring 2017
163 Zack Eldredge, Zoe Hay DC House Energy Management System Spring 2017
164 Ryan Flick, Andrew Hodges Light Sensing Smart Blind Spring 2017
165 Dylan Grant, Wei Yeh Hybrid Water Pump  Spring 2017
166 David Juarez, Edward Liu Portable Storage Device for Wind And Solar Energy Spring 2017
167 Forrest Lipske, Daniel Dich-Dang Dual Input Microinverter for Tandem Cells Spring 2017
168 Trung Nguyen Stand-By Power-Saving Power Strip Spring 2017
169 Vineal Singh, Emily Whitaker, Edith Rodriguez Student Experimental Farm Smart Pathway Lighting System Spring 2017
170 William Xiong, Jonathan Sato Adaptive Light Dimmer for a Smart House Spring 2017
171 Jonathan Gunawan DC House Energy Management System Spring 2017 
172 Austin Rivera, Nathaniel DeBruno, Jericho Perlas Uninterruptible Power Supply System for Fan Fall 2017
173 Sophia DeGuia and Sarahanne Heredia Solar Panel Cleaning System Spring 2018
174 Miles Head Investigating Efficiency of AC Direct Drive of LED Lighting Spring 2018
175 Nathan Martinez Human-Machine Interface and SCADA Database for Microgrid Protection Student Laboratory Spring 2018
176 Yei Trinh and Garvin Yee Circuit Breaker Module Spring 2018
177 Usamah Ahmad and Scott Wu Analysis of Improved Multiphase Buck Converter Spring 2018
178 Michael Djaja and Chris Rotsios Wind/Hydro Generator Simulator Spring 2018
179 Nicholas Benitez MISO Converter Interface Module for the DC House Project Fall 2018
180 Kean Wee Design and Test of Wide Input and Output Constant Current LED Driver Fall 2018
181 Ashley Wood Semi-Automated Splice Table Control System Winter 2018
182 Michael Campos, Nadir Khan, and Samantha Bituen Development of PLC Lab Experiments Spring 2019
183 Jason Zhou and Nick Mah Design of DC-DC Converter for the Formula Car Spring 2019
184 Brian Arbiv, Kyle Halloran, and Summer Rutherford Bidirectional DC-DC Converter Module for the DC House Project Spring 2019
185 Ezzeddeen Gazali and Tyler Starr USB-C Laptop Charger Power Supply for the DC House Project Spring 2019
186 Kenneth Nguyen, Nikki Gmerrek, Uriel Serna USB-C Power Adapter for the DC House Project Spring 2019
187 Benjamin Tan, Rafael Santiago and Brendan Schoemehl Smart Pathway Lighting Spring 2019
188 Daniel Leon-Gijon and Jason Chauvin Hybrid AC and DC System using MISO converter Spring 2019
189 Jacob Lamkin PV MPPT Water Pump Controller Fall 2019
190 Kajan Moorthy Asphalt and Adhesive Flow and Level Control Fall 2019
191 Eileen Tran & Brittany Won Plant Growing Control Using Modicon M580 Spring 2020
192 Anthony Tyler and Kevin Shipp HVAC Fan Control Using Modicon M580 Spring 2020
193 Elena Postupalskaya & Nathan Wang Conducted and Radiated EMI Measurements of Parallel Buck Converters Under Varying Spread Spectrum Parameters Spring 2020
194 Timothy Jeong & Elizabeth Davis A Clamping + LDO Off-Line Power Supply Spring 2020
195 Gabriel Leonides, Lauren Rotsios, and Chris Peters Design of Low Cost MISO Converter with Improved Efficiency Spring 2020
196 Quyen Nguyen, Astha Adhikari, and Brian Armijo Design of MISO Converter for FarmBot Spring 2020
197 Luis Onofre, Oscar Ambriz, and John Hamlin Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for the DC House Centralized Battery System Spring 2020
198 Nick Steele, Justin Otus, and Patrick Murphy Wind/Hydro Power Generation Simulator Spring 2020
199 Timothy Chen and Albert Panuco Direct AC converter for Solar Panel with Embedded Electronics Spring 2020
200 Jose Hurtado and Andrew Hunt Power System Capacitor Study Fall 2020
201 Stan Carpenco & Marina Dushenko Power System Capacitor Study Fall 2020
202 Lisa Swartz Development of PSCAD Model for Flow Battery Spring 2020
203 Samuel Lopez Audio Loop Station Fall 2020
204 Joe Shafie & Tim Nguyen DC House Network Design and Modeling Fall 2020
205 Jason Heil & Nicholas Palmer Miniaturized Ultraviolet Imager High Voltage Power Supply Spring 2021
206 Jeni Kawate, Janine Darato & Nick Martha Power Line Coupling Power Supply Design Spring 2021
207 Casey Winans, Erin O'rourke & Vinh Tran Hybrid AC/DC House Spring 2021
208 Kadin Stephens Multiphase Buck Converter implementing Galium Nitride Semiconductor Winter 2021
209 Armando Lopez & Nicole Lai Resilient Energy Assessment Spring 2021
210 Pedro Rincon & Fabian Enriquez Buck Converter with Voltage Foldback Protection Spring 2021
211 Shane Alayvilla, Grayson Capers & Justin Rodrigues 2021 Department of Energy Collegiate Wind Competition Electrical System Spring 2021
212 Esteban Rubio & Matthew Delaby AC/DC LED Light Bulb Adaptor with Internal Rechargeable Batteries  Fall 2021
213 Jonathan Hidalgo & Quinton LaComb  Load Slammer Design for DC-DC Converter Testing Spring 2022
214 Dino Maslic & Ridge Lahti Smart USB-C Wall Plug for the DC House Project Spring 2022
215 Sajjad Ahsan, Arsalan Mughal & Mark Rapiz Controlling Temperature of DC-DC Converter Using Switching Frequency Adjustment Spring 2022
216 Mohammad Nouman Baryal, Kristian Cruz & Celina Mendez Hybrid AC/DC Light Bulb Spring 2022
217 Luis Rodriguez & Nicholas McAdams Hybrid AC/DC House: The Road to a Sustainable Future Spring 2022
218 Evan Luu & Jeffrey Shieh Microgrid Energy Storage Branch Spring 2022
219 Adrian Aranjo, Rocio Sanchez & Carlos Rocha Current Source DC-DC Converter Spring 2022
220 Panthil Patel & Lumanti Tuladhar HVAC Hardware Modeling Using Programmable Automatic Controller Spring 2022
221 Micah Fitzgerald, Enrique Osorio & Jordan Perlas SDGE Power System Reliability Study Spring 2022
222 Sabrina Nguyen SDGE Power System Reliability Study Fall 2022
223 Falak Patel and Ramon Jaramillo Recloser and Circuit Breaker Controller Spring 2023
224 Trevor J. Beck Industrial Automation and Controls Lab: Smart LED Dimmer Control Spring 2023
225 Noah R. Johnson and Marc Wong Energy Storage and Communication System Spring 2023
226 Jason G. Milne and Nick Mark Variable Frequency Motor Drive Application Spring 2023
227 Lily Seymour and Stephen Alvarado Pre-Regulator Switching Converter for Photovoltaic Inverters Spring 2023
228 Eduardo Andres Muñoz and Giovanni Ramirez Angel Development of Cal Poly’s Hybrid AC/DC House Spring 2023
229 Kian N. Orang and Marcelo Garcia Battery Hardware Simulator Spring 2023
230 Richard Kwan, Andrew Armstrong, and John Rodinec Current Source DC-DC Converter for Undersea Fiber Optic Sensors Spring 2023
231 Abdullah Awidah, Morgan Boehme, Payton Chalstrom, Alejandra Zapata Power Thyristor Controller for Speed Control of DC Motor Spring 2023
232 Ryan Bailey, Miguel Carmona, Jose Velez-Lopez Development of Multiple Input Single Output DC-DC Converter for Cal Poly's Hybrid AC-DC House Spring 2023


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