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Controls Lab

Location: 20-112
Coordinator: Art MacCarley
Facilitates: EE 301/341, EE 302/342, EE 432/472



This laboratory serves our basic lecture courses in systems and controls, introducing students to a variety of concepts in signal analysis, servo control, open and closed loop system analysis, compensator design, and state variable feedback. Digital control system analysis and design are also taught, with an emphasis on linear discrete-time systems, robotics, electromechanical systems, and advanced nonlinear discrete-time controls. Many senior projects and special projects are also supported in this facility.

Special test apparatus in this facility is the Motomatic Control Systems Laboratory (MCSL), which has been extensively modified to accommodate additional experimental configurations. For the Microprocessor Controls laboratory course EE/CPE 432, the MCSL control console is replaced by a microprocessor control system, including two analog inputs, two analog outputs, and a digital shaft encoder. This fully integrated environment for electromechanical system analysis and design is constantly being improved and developed by faculty and staff.

The room is also equipped with a Foosball table to allow students to blow off steam between lab sessions.   Our outdoor laboratory has a ping pong table.

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