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Power Senior Project Lab/Remote Tech Group/Electric Power Institute

Location: 20-101
Coordinator: Ahmad Nafisi
Facilitates: EE 461, EE 462, EE 500, EE 599, Research Activities




Room 101 is the center for the research activities associated with the power engineering program. It also houses the Electric Power Institute. The room provides various voltage levels, and instrumentation needed for power-related graduate and undergraduate projects, including master theses, and senior projects. There are three test benches protected with fuses and circuit breakers.

Available voltages to the benches are:

  • Variable DC voltage (up to 240V)
  • Single-phase 120V and 240V
  • Three-phase 120V, 208V, and 240V
  • A three-phase harmonic generator and associated harmonic Schweitzer Laboratory microprocessor based relays facilitate research activities in power system protections.

Our Electric Power System Microgrid program is homed in this room.   Essentially we have taken an entire power system and encapsulated the functionality in to a small utility we can design, control and emulate.   We have a Opal RT Electric Power System Emulator and many control relays provided by several vendors including SEL.  Energy Generation, Control and Storage Systems are key parts of the microgrid.  The IEEE Power and Energy Society Club meets in this room every day to work on homework or plan events for the club.

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