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Digital Signal/Image Processing/Freshman Projects

Location: 20-126
Coordinator: Wayne Pilkington
Facilitates: EE 151, EE 419/449, EE/CPE 461, EE/CPE 462, E 419/449 EE 151




This is the digital signal processing laboratory. There are 12 lab stations and 25 chairs in the room. This allows for studio format delivery of the curriculum. In the fall quarter, this laboratory is used by our freshmen class. These freshmen build robots from scratch and then have an internal design competition.  The First year orientation class also provides a general introduction to running and theory of electronic test and measurement equipment.

This laboratory is well equipped with instrumentation primarily purchased in 2013 using Alumni-supplied funding. We purchased all of the equipment from Agilent Technologies (now Keysight Technologies). The laboratory has 200 MHz oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, two bench digital multimeters, handheld digital multimeters, function generators, and programmable power supplies. All of the instruments are controlled by computer automation.

In the winter quarter, this laboratory hosts our digital signal processing laboratory using Texas Instruments development boards. This laboratory also serves as the meeting place for the Amateur Radio Club on Thursday evenings every other week.

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